Core Values

Core values

The five core human values are: (1) Right conduct, (2) Peace, (3) Truth, (4) Love, and (5) Nonviolence.

  1. Values related to RIGHT CONDUCT are:
  • SELF-HELP SKILLS: Care of possessions, diet, hygiene, modesty, posture, self reliance, and tidy appearance
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Good behaviour, good manners, good relationships, helpfulness, No wastage, and good environment, and
  • ETHICAL SKILLS: Code of conduct, courage, dependability, duty, efficiency, 4 A Textbook on Professional Ethics and Human Values ingenuity, initiative, perseverance, punctuality, resourcefulness, respect for all, and responsibility
  1. Values related to PEACE are: Attention, calmness, concentration, contentment, dignity, discipline, equality, equanimity, faithfulness, focus, gratitude, happiness, harmony, humility, inner silence, optimism, patience, reflection, satisfaction, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-control, self- discipline, self-esteem, self-respect, sense control, tolerance, and understanding
  2. Values related to TRUTH are: Accuracy, curiosity, discernment, fairness, fearlessness, honesty, integrity (unity of thought, word, and deed), intuition, justice, optimism, purity, quest for knowledge, reason, self- analysis, sincerity, sprit of enquiry, synthesis, trust, truthfulness, and determination.
  3. Values related to LOVE are: Acceptance, affection, care, compassion, consideration, dedication, devotion, empathy, forbearance, forgiveness, friendship, generosity, gentleness, humanness, interdependence, kindness, patience, patriotism, reverence, sacrifice, selflessness, service, sharing, sympathy, thoughtfulness, tolerance and trust
  4. Values related to NON-VIOLENCE are:
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL: Benevolence, compassion, concern for others, consideration, forbearance, forgiveness, manners, happiness, loyalty, morality, and universal love
  • SOCIAL: Appreciation of other cultures and religions, brotherhood, care of environment, citizenship, equality, harmlessness, national awareness, perseverance, respect for property, and social